by Louise Gaboury

Travel professional, Louise Gaboury has been exploring the world for more than fifteen years. Her journeys are guided by her background in history, a taste for the arts and literature, and an interest in popular traditions and the origins of regional cuisine.

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Read before you go

Follow Commissario Guido Brunetti as the police commissioner covers Venice in all directions in pursuit of wrongdoers. Along the way, the author of this popular series, the Venetian-by-adoption Donna Leon, touches on the city’s administration and denounces pollution and corruption.

Discover the truly romantic side of Venice by reading No Fixed Abode by Fruttero and Lucentini—a sheer delight.

Far from the madding crowd

Stroll away from Piazza San Marco and explore the districts where the Venetians live. Welcome to the Venice of clotheslines, neighbours sipping their caffè at the bar with friends, and children playing ball on the campi (city squares). Explore Cannaregio around the Chiesa dei Miracoli (Church of Miracles), and Castello, beyond the Arsenale. Wander around the Giardini Pubblici. Venture into the Dorsoduro District, where the last remaining gondola repair workshop is located, and enjoy a delicious meal on the terrace at Campo Santa Margherita, where you might see children learning to ride a bike in the spacious square and you can visit the small market.

Dare to head on
less frequented islands

Some of the more hidden-away islands are well worth a visit. Isola di San Michele is Venice’s cemetery. You can see the tombs of some well-known people, such as the choreographer Diaghilev, whose tomb is always decorated with pink ballet slippers. Isola di Sant’Erasmo, where the famous purple artichokes are grown, has long been the city’s vegetable garden. There’s a good chance that you’ll spot one or two tractors there. A Frenchman, Michel Thoulouze, restored wine-grape production on the island after two centuries of neglect. He produces an excellent white wine called Orto di Venezia. Take a trip to Torcello to admire the outstanding mosaics at the Cathedral of Maria Assunta. The islands of San Francesco del Deserto and San Lazarro degli Armeni, which are harder to reach, are home to monasteries.

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Venetian gastronomy

Share the enthusiasm of the Venetians for cichetti, Venetian appetizers that are eaten along with a glass of Prosecco, Aperol Spritz or ombra, a local wine whose name comes from the fact that wine street vendors would move around to stay in the shade at Piazza San Marco. Savour bigoli in salsa (whole-wheat spaghetti with anchovy sauce), fegato alla veneziana (veal liver pan-fried with copious amounts of onions), risi e bisi (green peas), baccalà mantecato (codfish brandade) and risotto nero (with cuttlefish ink). In the springtime, jump on the chance to try the moeche (soft crabs) and Sant’Erasmo artichokes, both protected by the Slow Food movement.

Houses and Museums

Venture inside the house where arts patron and collector Peggy Guggenheim lived, and the admirably restored Palazzo Grimani, and don’t forget the contemporary art museums housed in enchanting places such as Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana. Take advantage of the Biennale (the next one will be in 2019) to wander from the beaten path and discover palaces that are not usually open to the public. If you still have time left, visit Casino Venier, a hidden gem that is laden with history and is now the headquarters of the Alliance Française.

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